Our smart KNX gateway for push buttons, sensors and detectors is the most effective solution to build a fully compatible KNX building automation system

ELAUSYS IGW-01-KNX Input Gateway

KNX Input Gateway

The KNX input gateway is used to connect several input devices to the KNX bus through a single KNX interface. It is fully integrated in the KNX network by using the standard KNX cable for all its devices. Therefore, combining KNX and ELAUSYS devices on a single cable.

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Elausys BI-2

Binary input 1-fold

Binary Input 1-fold module with built-in temperature sensor and input for an external temperature probe.

Compatible with any regular push button or free potential contact and supporting short and long press operation.  An integrated temperature sensor is available on every device, moreover an external temperature probe may also be connected to the terminal connector.

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